Digi-Komp Website Development & IT Solutions


Digi-Komp is a small home business specializing in IT solutions, website development and CMS extensions for the Adelaide C.B.D and southern suburbs.

Located at Seaford south of Adelaide in South Australia, we offer good quality honest work at great rates and some free of charge and paid extensions for your CMS.

We want to provide the best IT solutions and website development for our clients in Adelaide.


Website Development


Here at Digi-Komp website development is our passion, we have developed a variety of websites to serve different customer needs and desires.

If your looking for a new website for your business or even if you are looking to upgrade the look and performance for your website you have come to the right place.

Digi-Komp can provide a selection of development solutions for hosting your domain and website from cheaper hosted solutions to servers that can be run from your office but do cost more to run and maintain. We have web packages coming where you will be able to pick the package according to your needs and desires. All costs including total cost of ownership can be easily viewed and reviewed.


If your looking to boost the performance of your web page loading times we can help. Speed is an important factor for any web page, users don't want to wait for the page to load and waiting more than 2 seconds for a page to load could drive them away. This is not a good outcome if you wish to build your customer base for your business.

Fortunately there is a wide range of improvements that can be made to improve site speed. Our web packages will include speed optimization so your website loads as fast as possible.


SEO of search engine optimization is another one of our specialties. If your business is on the web then you will want to optimize it in search results, we can provide SEO optimization for your site to help get that first page ranking.

Digi-Komp web packages will come SEO optimized to help get better results in Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Digi-Komp Website Development and Web Extensions


Joomla Extensions


We have a passion for creating joomla extensions, as it is our favorite CMS we try to support it as much as possible. You will find a range of free and paid extensions that we support so if your using joomla visit our extensions page we may have something you like or something in development on the horizon.

The majority of our extensions will be free so please consider donating to support the development of additional free software.


IT Solutions

We have expertise in networking and security from the small home based networks to larger enterprise networks consisting of many servers and end devices. We are able to provide a range of IT solutions for small to large businesses, from email to web servers we can set up and maintain it for you.


Security is always on every PC users mind, when we are using internet services and programs that require personal information like email accounts and even online banking you want to know that you are protected. We can help you protect your personal information while conducting your online transactions.

Digi-Komp is very professional so if we can offer you better alternatives for your network we will.